RSGB HF Contest Calendar Updated

Published: 05/05/2020 09:30

The RSGB have just announced a new series of the Hope QSO Party series of contests. These have been a great success. 

For those of you that subscribe to my Google calendar, I have updated this to include the new contests.

If you need the information about this calendar, then, here it is:

The calendar can be viewed here. If you use GMail, then you can subscribe to the contest calendar using this link, If you want to download the iCal file for other calendar system, then download it here.

If you use Gmail, and subscribe to this calendar, then any updates will be automatically updated at your end.

I've also added a notification 30 minutes before each contest. I don't know whether this works with iCal as I don't use Outlook.


To Summarise:


Source: M0CUK