VGC VR-N7500: APRS! Android, iOS, Bluetooth, Dual Band 2m/7cm

Published: 29/09/2022 09:26

The VGR VR-N7500 is a 50 watt dual band radios that leverages android and iOS devices for advanced, yet simple controls using the large screens on your mobile devices. If you want a traditional feel, connect the VGC BHM-78 bluetooth mic and speaker for a handheld radio feel and control.

VGC VR-N7500 is the ultimate experience in mobile radio communications! With a unique design, discreet installation and remote smartphone integration, the VR-N7500 is a mobile amateur radio unlike anything you’ve seen before!

VGC VR-N7500 is a full featured dual band mobile radio with full remote programming and control capabilities through your smartphone. It installs discreetly in your vehicle, completely out of sight, so there is no bulky radio to get in the way on your dash. There’s no onboard display, either, and no wired remote display panel. In fact, you don’t need wired access to the radio at all. That’s because it connects via Bluetooth® directly to an app on your smartphone!

The VR-N7500 is a powerful dual band amateur radio with 40W on UHF and 50W on VHF. It’s solidly built, with a tough, durable steel casing that’s made to last. It features a built-in FM radio with programmable presets, N number of regions with 16 channels per region, low medium and high power options, VOX, DTMF decoder, MDC monitor, GPS and APRS capability. It also has Morse code monitoring with a Morse Code decoder that translates Morse Code to text.

But there’s more, much much more. The VR-N7500 connects directly to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth, for a new and unique experience with your mobile two way radio. Through the app, you can control every aspect of your VR-N7500, essentially turning your smartphone into the radio display! The VR-7500 is fully controllable, programmable and updateable via the app on your smartphone. There is no programming on a PC, and no programming cable is needed. Programming is done through the app, directly to the radio over the air in real time. It’s the easiest programming ever! And updates? Firmware updates are also performed through the app. making them easy, quick and painless.

And that’s just for starters. With access to your smartphone, the VR-N7500 can access the power of the Internet. APRS support allows you to transmit GPS co-ordinates along with your transmission, allowing geo-location, tracking and mapping of other VR-N7500 users in your group. You can connect to an internet server that manages connections, and you can join a network channel. You can bind network channels to a channel number. With the Android version of the app, you can create a cross band repeater From the network. With the VR-N7500, you have more than a mobile radio. You have a global walkie-talkie!

The VGC VR-N7500 is equipped with speaker microphone with a magnetic mounting kit, so no screws are required to hang it in your vehicle. The speaker mic is corded, but there’s an optional Bluetooth speaker mic available for wireless communications. An optional wireless Bluetooth PTT button is also available for hands free, remote operation.

The VGC-VR-N7500 dual band mobile radio comes with a base unit mounting kit, coil corded speaker microphone, magnetic microphone mounting kit, hardwire DC power cable, and a one year manufacturer warranty.

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Source: QRZ